Sunday, May 27, 2007

Knitting in the Dark

Today my husband and step-son (age 13) and I went to see "Shrek The Third". I got about 4cm (1.5") done on the foot of my Sockotta toe-up socks - color 5. I try to do/learn something different each time I knit another pair of socks. Recently I learned the Magic Loop method where use one long circular needle (Addi's are ideal for this). These will be my first toe-up socks.

I'm also working on a sunny yellow bathmat using yellow cotton yarn and the Criminy Jicket 'garterlac' pattern. Instead of 3 8-stitch squares, I'm doing 4 24-stitch squares. It's a 1 lb. skein of yarn so I plan to work on it at home only and save the socks for when I'm out.